Drive Tech Innovation to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation

Stop Sextortion Campaign

Young kids today are experiencing sextortion — the threat to share intimate images to get them to do something — and it can be so isolating and scary that many kids don’t say anything to anyone.

The Cat Video

Thorn’s Stop Sextortion campaign and PSA seeks to increase awareness about sextortion, destigmatize the issue, and encourage individuals to reach out for help and support their friends.


Leveraging tech can help find sex trafficking victims faster.

On February 15, 2017, Thorn Co-Founder Ashton Kutcher testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, providing his recommendations to end trafficking.

The Issue

Our Products

Our Impact

We refuse to live in a world where abused children remain in their situation because technology that exists simply isn’t being used to find them.


We utilize online tools to intercept potentially abusive behavior and encourage people to stop and seek help.


We leverage the digital footprints of child abuse to find victims faster and stop potential future abuse.


We work with companies, and in the dark web and P2P networks to make online environments hostile to abusive behavior.


Driving technology to combat child sexual abuse means empowering everyone in our network to do their job more effectively. For law enforcement we built Spotlight, and they’re using it to find kids faster.

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When we harness the best and brightest minds in this field, we can develop new technologies and tools that change lives.

Help Us Fight Back

Every moment counts, and our supporters allow us to be at the forefront of this fight. 100% of our donations go directly to supporting our programs and products that identify children faster, deter predators, and disrupt abuse environments.

“New innovations will always be adopted for both good and evil purposes. At Thorn, we tip the scales in favor of good by stopping exploitation and protecting our children.”

-Jim Pitkow, Chair,
Thorn Technical Task Force