Sextortion: Has it happened to you?

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Sextortion is a growing problem, with multiple online platforms being used to facilitate the crime.

What is sextortion?

Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation where one individual threatens to reveal sexually explicit images of another person unless that person meets specific demands. The perpetrator may have obtained the images in multiple ways. They may have hacked a device, or recorded an image without consent. In some cases, the image may have been shared consensually. Regardless of how the image was obtained, if the sharing of that image is not consensual, the perpetrator is engaging in an act of abuse by using intimate images to exploit the victim.  Read More

at risk signs child sex trafficking

At Risk Warning Signs for Child Sex Trafficking

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On an ongoing basis, we ask our supporters to help call attention to youth at risk for child sex trafficking. In an effort to call even more attention to the issue, we’re providing more detailed information about youth at risk for child sex trafficking, and would like to ask you to spread these warning signs for child sex trafficking around your network. Read More