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Women Who Inspire Us to Be a Force For Good

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We all find a way to get through the tough days, the rough patches, the I’m-not-doing-great-today days. And when we’re taking care of ourselves as we try to build the world we want to live in, we need something to ground us. On International Women’s Day, we’re reflecting as a team about the women who inspire us to keep going, try harder, and push through.

Because that’s what we need in this work — people who inspire us to be better than we are today, people who show us through their actions that not only can we make a difference, but that we can make this world different. It’ll get better if we build it.

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What does it mean to protect innocence?

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When I was in elementary school, we had our pictures taken. Not for picture day, but for ID cards for our parents in case we got lost. They took our fingerprints, wrote down our height, weight, eye and hair color. If you asked me back then what it meant to keep me safe, all that would come to mind is not walking off with a stranger, venturing too far from home or making sure I stopped, dropped and rolled in case of a fire. Read More

My First 30 Days as a Product Manager at Thorn

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Over a year ago, I was introduced to a video highlighting the issue of sex trafficking in my home base of Portland, Oregon. A few minutes in, I recognized areas shown that were not too far from where I lived. I was in disbelief that this was happening practically in my backyard when my picture of what human trafficking looked like was similar to a scene out of Taken. I continued to watch the video as victims shared their stories, most leading normal lives until they met their trafficker. It was then that I knew I wanted to be part of the solution. Read More

Why I Donate My Time to Thorn

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Shari Benko, User Experience Design Lead at Intel, joined us last week at Facebook Global Security HQ for the two-day Child Safety Hackathon. Employees from Intel, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Domino Data Lab, and more, came together for the second year in a row to help develop cutting edge solutions in the fight against child sexual exploitation. Taking two days away from her work, Shari shares her motivation to combine her skills, empathy and passion to help move our projects forward. Read More

My First 30 Days as a Policy and Development Manager at Thorn

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I never quite imagined that I’d be escorting Ashton Kutcher around Capitol Hill.  Three weeks into working at Thorn I had our whole team in tow, zig zagging from office to office, sharing Thorn’s mission with interested Senators. Walking home that night from the Senate Office Buildings in D.C. I was pinching myself. Did that just happen? After weeks of planning, Thorn’s Co-Founder testified about our work in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and everything went great. Read More

Cloudera Cares + Thorn = Social Impact at Grace Hopper 2016

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Our team joined Cloudera Cares to host a hackathon at the recent Grace Hopper Open Source Day. Women attending the conference were invited to take part in a day long hackathon to benefit a social impact project. The event served a number of purposes — to draw attention to the problem of child sexual exploitation, look for ways to stop it, encourage women starting out in their tech careers to contribute and offer those same women the opportunity to be mentored by other experienced engineers and data scientists. Read More

Spotlight Helps Law Enforcement Identify Victims of Sex Trafficking Faster

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The genesis of Spotlight started after we conducted a sex trafficking Survivor Survey in 2012, seeking to learn directly from victims how technology was used throughout their trafficking situation.  We found that sixty-three percent of underage sex trafficking victims reported they had been bought or sold online. Armed with this data, we worked with our technology partners and law enforcement to understand how these existing digital footprints could assist law enforcement in faster victim identification.   Read More

My First 30 Days as a Software Engineer at Thorn

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Chase Ricketts is our newest software engineer in the Thorn Innovation Lab.

From the first time I saw Thorn’s website I knew that their organization was atypical. Their pointed mission and data-driven projects demonstrated their effectiveness as digital defenders of children. Throughout the interview process, it was clear to me that this mission was backed by individuals of passion and genuineness. As a software engineer with a compassion for victims of sexual abuse, Thorn was a godsend. I considered staying blissfully ignorant of the problem, but this was too great of an opportunity to pass up — I was hooked. Read More

My First 30 Days as a Development Associate at Thorn

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As soon as I started at Thorn, I was thrilled to be at a hub where technology and social good intersect. From my first day, I was immersed in the world of Thorn’s programmatic work and multi-layered partnerships. I was encouraged to ask questions (I had about a thousand) and to keep asking them, and even to give feedback beyond my immediate scope of work. It was apparent that Thorn’s approach was different than that of the average non-profit. At Thorn, innovation and new ideas are encouraged and, in fact, drive our work fighting child sexual exploitation. I am excited to be part of a team that is both dynamic and forward-thinking — constantly engaging in conversations and forging new relationships in order to create the best and most effective tools on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children. Read More